2.2.17 I think I can say we’ve had a better day.  I’m not sure why I think that as we’ve had the full range of Annoying Behaviours (AB).  In fact, Lola has been concentrating on developing a new AB which involves running away from me with some illicit item she has picked up.  We have already had full scale running around the kitchen table like a IMG_0542Keystone Cops film with me trying to retrieve some kitchen paper she had obtained.  This has now developed into an instinctive desire to run away when she senses that time is of the essence, for example, at school pick up time today when she had a twig in her mouth that she thought I wanted back, not realising that post-sock I am intensely relaxed about Lola eating twigs.  I was trying to get her to put her in the car to pick up the children from school, not to remove the twig: a nuance that I found hard to convey and that Lola totally missed.  In an error of judgement she eventually ran into me rather than away from me at the end, so I was able to grab her.  I’m a bit concerned that this is a trend that will follow all other trends so far, ie with me having increasingly less control over her.  That said, I could just leave her in the garden if she’s too tricky to catch.

IMG_0527In an interesting shift of perspective, the fact that I came down to the full monty toilet-wise this morning didn’t bother me too much because it was on the puppy pad (apart from a little bit which wasn’t, which was a pain).  I also didn’t mind her play biting too much.  She has even been a bit wild with Amelia and has also indulged her Digging Delight border fetish without me feeling too fed up.  My latest solution, aided by the fact I’ve been wearing wellies as it has been so wet the garden is a swamp, is just to stand in the hole so she can’t dig.  And shove her slightly to the side.  At which point she goes off and chews a rose bush, which I’m also not too happy about but I’m picking my battles carefully.

I watched a bit of video of her tugging at my dressing gown first thing in the morning and it doesn’t look so bad when it’s happening to someone else, as it were.  Lola looks very good and sweet on a screen.

So, I think today has been a bit of a water shed.  Lola has been quite nice to have around.  I’ve been feeling quite affectionate towards her.  Let’s hope my benign mood lasts into tomorrow.




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