First walk

7.2.17  It was First Walk day yesterday, the moment I’ve been waiting for since we got Lola.  The initial walk was more of an extended sniff.  Lola was particularly excited to come across her first lamppost.  I could practically see the neurons kicking off in her brain.  Unfortunately, instead of being worn out when she … Continue reading First walk

No going back

5.2.17  I’ve been having flashes of the love that I’ll feel for Lola.  They largely dissipated this morning at 5am (it is Sunday after all and I would dearly love to be in bed).  Having taken her out for her last garden visit at the early time of 9pm, as neither of us was feeling … Continue reading No going back

Annoying Behaviours

2.2.17 I think I can say we’ve had a better day.  I’m not sure why I think that as we’ve had the full range of Annoying Behaviours (AB).  In fact, Lola has been concentrating on developing a new AB which involves running away from me with some illicit item she has picked up.  We have … Continue reading Annoying Behaviours

Lola does have some good points

1.2.17 As I stood in the garden in the mizzle for the umpteenth time, in the dark, watching Lola lying nonchalantly on the wet grass, chewing away, rather than getting on with visiting ‘Lola’s corner’ to do her stuff, I reflected that I really need to think more positively about this whole Lola puppy business.  … Continue reading Lola does have some good points

The return of the sock

30.1.17  The sock which Lola ate on Saturday night (36 hours ago) made its appearance at 6am this morning.  Lola was lying calmly after her morning routine of dressing gown attacking, when she was suddenly sick.  I was a bit horrified to see that the sock had re-emerged.  I was more horrified to see that … Continue reading The return of the sock

Maximum Frustration for Minimum Return

28.1.17  We have reached a point of Maximum Frustration for Minimum Return (MFMR).  Lola is finding ways of being annoying which are practically driving me to tears before I have really developed that deep affection for her which might make me think it was all worth it. This is not unexpected, but it is unwelcome.  … Continue reading Maximum Frustration for Minimum Return