Lola at six months

21.5.17 Lola is six months old today.  It has been quite a traumatic time.  In fact, when I look back, all I can remember is trying to stop her leaping up and nipping us all the time, endless trips to the garden in the dark (it was January when she arrived), a constant sense of … Continue reading Lola at six months


3rd Prettiest Bitch

2.5.17 Lola has embarked upon her glittering prize-winning career. She won 3rd place in the very first dog show she entered – for Prettiest Bitch. Being new to dogs, this sounded a bit like something from the mean streets of New York so it seemed somewhat out of place in the genteel, soggy surroundings of … Continue reading 3rd Prettiest Bitch

Banned from the garden

1.5.17  I am reaching peak stress.  Andy has re-seeded our garden (trying to cover all the urine spots) and we have been banned from it for at least two weeks.  That was over a week ago and it has been an incredibly frustrating time.  The first day Lola couldn’t go in the garden it took … Continue reading Banned from the garden

The contract kicks in, usefully

16.4.17  We finally went for our first proper family walk with Lola today.  She absolutely loved it!  At least, she hardly stopped trotting along, tail held high, the whole time.  She paused only to try a bit of horse manure and lick dust (I do wonder whether our Royal Canin diet is fulfilling all her … Continue reading The contract kicks in, usefully

Walking Lola

9.4.17  My relationship with Lola and my faith in my ability to look after her have been restored.  We were lucky enough to have a visit from the dog expert Louise Glazebrook on Wednesday and she was wonderful.  She said what a lovely dog Lola was.  She didn’t refer to my lack of authority over her, … Continue reading Walking Lola

Lola the adolescent

4.4.17  Something has shifted on the Lola axis.  Yesterday Lola ratcheted up the naughtiness but she also tugged on our heart strings.  One minute Andy was telling her off severely, the next he was playing her favourite tickling game in a bid to cheer her up.  It was the first time I had felt really … Continue reading Lola the adolescent

Training class trauma

30.3.17  Nursing a whisky, mainlining chocolates (or I would be if it wasn’t Lent), sitting here an emotional wreck on the edge of tears: yes, it’s been another puppy training or, as I like to call it, owner humiliation class.  Each week seems to be progressively worse.  This week the demon trainer took me to … Continue reading Training class trauma

Pushing the boundaries

24.3.17  Slightly disappointingly, Lola is no longer afraid of footballs.  In fact, she has gone from being afraid of footballs to ruining football games in one fell swoop.  Two days ago she started playing with the old, deflated football we had left out for her to get used to, so Charlie and I started kicking … Continue reading Pushing the boundaries

Puppy trauma

22.3.17 A friend told me today that they were taking the plunge and getting a puppy.  I was shocked and deduced she hadn’t really been listening to everything I’d told her about looking after Lola and had simply seen her fluffy loveliness and thought what a wonderful thing a puppy was.  In fact, I’m sure … Continue reading Puppy trauma

Snack snobbery

13.3.17  Lola is a snack snob.  This realisation dawned on me today after having spent a couple of sessions trying to drag (sorry, walk) her to and from school.  I could sense how much our trainer would have disapproved if she’d seen me and I’m not sure I will confess to her on Thursday night … Continue reading Snack snobbery